The Shred Babe Board Crew aims to create a community of riders who are empowering girls who shred. We are inviting women of all skill levels to get out and ride weather your terrain is snow, water or solid ground. Together we can redefine what it means to ride like a girl. Join the movement today to help create a friendly and open boarding community for women.

Who is Shred Babe?

Shred Babe is a group of women who have a true passion for all board sports, we are also riders ourselves. The riders of Shred Babe love a challenge and the new adventures each sport of these sports bring. We are a riding crew made up of women who constantly seek opportunities to not only progress our own skills, but to promote growth and development for our friends in these sports as well.

How It Began

It started with one crazy windy Minnesota summer day, and a reservation to try standup paddleboarding (SUP) on Lake Minnetonka. None of us had done SUP before, so we all thought that it would be fun to try and a great way to get to know each other with a new friend getting acquainted to the duo. Little did we know that a windy day would cause the shop to close for the day.

The three of us had all driven quite a ways to meet there. We decided to not let it ruin our girl’s day, so we went to a local pub to grab some appetizers and drinks. We were laughing about how we all had worn very similar outfits which led to the discussion of fashion for girls like us. This is when we began discussing how much fun it would be to start an all-girls shred crew and create some fun unique gear. Then and there, the beginning phases of Shred Babe were born.

I don’t think any of us could have anticipated just how much interest there really was amongst our fellow female shredders to get involved, but it is so exciting to see everyone coming together and supporting each other.

We hope to inspire women to get out there and go after it. To be part of a community, our shred crew. We better ourselves by working together. One day at a time, we help Empower Girls Who Shred.

What is a Shred B-A-B-E?

A Shred Babe is not your typical "babe". She is a rare breed amongst girls. She is:

Shred Babe Ambassador Heather Wakeboarding


She shows courage and is ready to face any challenge ahead taking her shredding to the next level.


Shred Babe Ambassador Sonja hiking for fresh lines.


She is willing to take risks and try new ideas to gain amazing experiences and meet new people.


Shred Babe Crew Rider Alie - Closeup


She is a lioness who lights up the room with personality and style.


Shred Babe Crew Rider Kait surfing Minnesota


She takes charge of her skills, collaborates and uses them to help others.